Listen to Kyle Whissal Explain more about EXP


In the video, he will explain:

  • Explain the difference between #FastForwardMovement and eXp

  • Show difference between current brokerages vs eXp

  • Introduce the leaders of our #FastForwardMovement team

  • Share the recurring events we host

  • Explain why the revenue share creates an alignment of interest

  • Introduce the equity opportunities

  • Show a few of the technologies you’ll have access to

  • Spotlight the healthcare options

  • Explain the Commission splits & caps

What Else Do You Get When You Partner With Me?

  • Unlimited Access to Senior Partners: Kyle Whissel and Dan Beer (via cell phone) for anything you need – seriously, we are your business partners
  • Lifetime membership in the National Association of Expert Advisors so you can leverage our PROVEN, done for you marketing tools to grow your business
  • LIVE weekly calls with NAEA where you can ask questions and implement processes into your business NOW.
  • Done for you listing and buyer presentations we’ve used to sell over 6,000 homes so you have a proven system to win clients
  • ​Certified home selling advisor designation so you are training on how to win every listing at your price and eliminate discounting forever
  • ​​Certified home buying advisor designation so you have a system of attraction that gets buyers to run red lights to meet with you.
  • ​​Prospecting Gold, our scripts and dialogues for you or your ISA to make money through outbound prospecting that we used to 272 transactions in 12 months
  • ​​Inside Sales Bootcamp – our 3 day private client course breaking down how to execute outbound callers to scale your business.
  • ​Strategic Marketing Masters – our course led by Jay Abraham exclusively for real estate agents
  • ​​52 Listings in 52 Weeks
  • ​Our done for you marketing and follow up campaigns that generate and convert quality buyer and seller appointments
  • ​​Buyer agent training so you don’t have to invest your time training your agents every week
  • ​Agent to CEO Training – our coaching in a box so you have all the systems, processes, and documents to grow your business at your fingertips
  • ​Weekly live calls with Kinder Reese Coaching on what’s working now
  • ​​Weekly interviews with $20,000,000+ producers so you can learn exactly what top agents are doing to get business
  • ​Access to all NAEA and Kinder Reese live training events throughout the year for only the price of materials.
  • ​Invitation for producers closing $25M or more or with a minimum of 5 agents attracted to our private client mastermind
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