Our History

Tom first got his Real Estate Licence in 2004 with Team Olsewski being founded in 2008 by Tom Olsewski. Tom Realized early on that working as a team could provide better service to our clients. Tom’s main focus is servicing his listing clients. He has other members of his team work with the buyers generated from the marketing of his listings. Team Olsewski is a small and innovative real estate team that takes a modern and adaptable approach to real estate marketing.

Why Work With Us?


The real estate market is always changing. From the real estate bubble days to the Great Recession, we’ve been through it all. Sellers and buyers are best served by a real estate firm that knows how to market different types of properties, how to negotiate contracts, and how to overcome challenges to closing the sale. This expertise doesn’t happen overnight, and it’s not taught in real estate school. It takes years of being active in the real estate business and being involved in hundreds of transactions.

Our backgrounds include; career experience in the computer industry with experience in high level sales and marketing, and small business owner for 10 years. All of these experiences have shaped who we are and have taught us the most important lesson about real estate – that it is a people business. We may sell homes, buildings, and lots, but our relationships are why we love what we do and why we are able to succeed.

The Latest Technology

We embrace technology, especially when it makes the selling or buying process easier for our clients. Selling or buying real estate can take up a lot of your time, but the right technology helps our clients work more efficiently and make informed decisions.  Almost all real estate marketing is technology-driven as well, and experimenting with new forms of media gives our sellers’ properties maximum exposure in a competitive market. Technology also enables our buyers to stay informed of new listings and market trends, so they can make educated purchase decisions. In today’s COVID-19 world we have implemented virtual walk through tours of properties for 24×7 open houses.

Leading Edge Real Estate Marketing

Every property is different, and the market is always changing. Therefore, every property deserves to be marketed in a dynamic way. We use tried-and-true methods, while always experimenting with new ways to attract buyers to our listings.

The number of tools available to help price and advertise real estate today is overwhelming. We have software tools available to help us identify where a prospective buyer will come from and can therefore hyper focus our marketing to help find the right buyer for a property quickly. That’s why it makes sense to only use the tools that provide measurable results, so that there is a proven track record. We evaluate every marketing effort we use to ensure that our clients are seeing real results, and not just a bunch of smoke and mirrors.

Buyer Consultation

Buying a home or investment property involves its own challenges. It’s important to research not only the value of the property, but also the risks. Our experience has made us experts at planning a course of action to inspect and evaluate a property’s condition as well as its potential future value. Nothing is more rewarding than helping a client make a good buying decision. In today’s world of COVID-19 all of this can be done virtually with video conferencing technology.

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